Friday, 14 August 2015



Yesterday at choir, I turned up really early ready to start practicing.  First up we did our usual warm up, then we practiced for the Ring of Fire because we are performing in the ring of fire.  We practiced quite a few songs we went over songs we have already sang, and practiced songs we had not yet done already.  The first song was a song we have already done, but the next song wasn't a song we have already practiced so that meant before we started to practice we heard a version of it so we could get an idea of how it is sounded.  After we had a run through of the songs we practice another song we have not sang before so we heard another version of it.  The next song was a song we have practiced before so we had an idea of how it sounded.  After we ran through several songs it was nearly time for years 5/6 to go to Maori with Matua and for years 7/8 it was time for 'My discovery' so to finish off we ran through half a song and  finished choir for the day.

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