Friday, 14 August 2015


Peer mediation

Today at peer mediation Reuben, Riley and I started to walk around the field and straight away there was a problem.  It was about soccer and team captains for each team, there was one boy who got selected for a team captain but another boy wanted to be the captain for the team so he pushed the other boy over.  After that the boy who was selected for team captain he pushed the other boy over who pushed him and it went on and on intill one boy saw us wondering around the field and then he came running to us for help.  We asked for them all to listen to the rules, tell us there names and room numbers so we can fill out the peer mediation form.  When we were finished with that part of solving the problem we got everyone's side of the story, when that was finished we came up with a solution that was name everyone with the number one or two and those will be the teams, team one vs team two.  That solution worked and the all played nicely together.  That wasn't all just before the bell rang one boy got pushed by another boy and the boy that got pushed over was crying but the bell rang so we said to Mr Sy what happened and sorted it out.  We put the iPad back and sent an email to there teachers so they know what happened and we also put the peer mediation vests back.

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