Friday, 12 December 2014

About 2015

My class In 2015 is Room 24 my teacher will be Miss O'Connor, I am looking forward to going to Technology, Being a P.A.L.S and Peer meadiation.

Magazine comment

I have enjoyed the most..... Science because it was interesting to learn new things and haven't done science in a long time.
I have enjoyed this learning area...... Writing because it is fun learning about different types of writing.
I think I have improved on..... Maths because I am not a person who really likes maths but I think I have improved in times tables.
An extra learning opportunity I have enjoyed the most...... Kapa Haka because I like learning different songs and different language.
I want to focus on the most in 2015...... Reading because I like reading but I really want to improve on pronouncing hard words properly.