Sunday, 23 August 2015



As I am a year 7/8, I have the opportunity to be a librarian.  Every second Monday I go to library to do my duty, I do librarian with Lauren H and Samara. 

When the bell rang to go out for lunch Samara and I went straight to librarian.  We first put returned books back to the shelfs where they belong.  Then we checked that all the books were the right way so we couldn't see the pages.  Then we waited at the desk for people to have some books for us to renew, return, return or request books.  A while after we were finished with doing that, it was time to pack up so  Samara and I went around the library to say to people that it was time to pack up because the library was closing.  We then waited in the library for the bell to ring.  When the bell had rung  Samara and I went to room 24 straight away and ready to learn.

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