Friday, 24 October 2014

Stage challenge

What: I was in Mr Forman and Mr Browns group for the stage challenge. It had to be about Oaklands school. Our group chose CARE values.
So what: I was successful by facing the front I spoke.
Now what: I can make a improvement by  NOT BEING LOUD BACKSTAGE so the mikes can't hear us talking instead of the people acting on stage.


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Friday, 17 October 2014

Lifelong learners

WHAT: To show that learning never stops we have identified what we learnt in the holidays
SO WHAT: This is what i learnt in the holidays.....

In the holidays I learnt how to make some games to play with my cousins when my aunty was working on her computer. We played Handball we went to the playground and we kicked our ruby balls over the post. We played lots of games. We our aunty was working we didn't bother her ok maybe a few times we disagreed on something and we need help but apart of that we didn't bother her. Then our aunty finished her work and we could go play some games with her like go to scooter park so I learnt if u try not to bother people when they are doing something that needs to be done sooner it's done sooner u can have fun with them.