Sunday, 30 August 2015



At Kapahaka we went straight to practicing there was NO mucking around.  We first started to practice  our school song and the actions the first time we went through our school song and actions, I think we went well but some people kept looking around for actions because they didn't know them well enough.  We went through the same song again because Matua wanted us to have fun while doing the actions because you can have fun with the actions we are doing.

After we finished practicing our school song we started to practice poi.  We ran through the song once to see how we were going, I thought as a group we did alright the Year 7/8's has got the poi actions it is just the Years 4,5 and some of the Year 6's.  I think I did well, I know all the actions with the poi and I haven't mucked up since I have learnt the actions.  We have also got actions for the full song we are doing poi too.  I like going to Kapahaka each week because we are learning different things each week so it is exciting.

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