Sunday, 27 September 2015



After Te reo it was time for Kapahaka so I grabbed a poi out of the box and we started to practice poi while we were waiting for everyone to be there.  Then there was a kemp do called and we all got ready to start.

We then got told that we were going to be performing to some classes, we then practiced through each song we were going to perform.  This is the order we did them in Our school song, Tahururu and Pai mai which was a surprise and we had only practiced it once for term 3 and that time was just before we were going to perform.  Two girls then got sent to go to some classes to let them know when we were going to perform.  Then at the right time the classes came in the hall to watch us perform.  When everyone was settled Mr Brown started to tell them what songs we were going to sing also that Pai mai was a surprise.  I thought all the performances were good accept I mucked up a few times with my poi but I just kept going.  After the performances there were comments about what the audience liked but the bell rang so there wasn't any time to do anything else.

After the audience left Mr Brown talked to us about the performances and he thought it was good and then we could go back to class to get our morning tea.



Ten minutes after I arrived at school it was time to go to choir so I picked my book up and went to choir with Monique, when we arrived we sat down and we waited for a little bit because we were a little early.  "Can everyone please sit down, choir is starting"  Mr McCallum said to everyone especially those who were standing up.

We firstly did a quick warm up to warm up our voices.  Then Miss Harris showed us a cool thing to help our vocals that thing was get a straw put it in your mouth and try to sing.  Then Miss Harris said to us that if we at least get through half the songs for the music festival we can practice Adiemus, so we went straight into it.  We firstly started to practice the ring of fire, we went through it once and Miss Harris asked us if we were confident about singing one particular part she also asked us to hold up how many fingers to show how confident we thought we were.  Then we moved onto may there always be sunshine we went through that once and we we didn't need to go through it again the same thing happened with the rest of the songs.  Then we quickly did the roll.  Then we had time for one run through of Adiemus.

We ran through it and we practiced solo bits for anyone who had one then it was time to go back to class.  It was time to go so we went straight back to class so we didn't miss any learning time.



Ring Ring the school bell went 
That was the 12:50 bell which meant it was time to go outside for lunch so straight away Samara and I went to the library for our duty as a librarian.

First Mrs Ward said that we could put the returned books back where they belong on the shelves.  I then grabbed a handful of books and put them back in there rightful places.  Afterwards we went around the library to see if all the books were the right way round because sometimes people put them the wrong way and it doesn't look very good and tidy.  Then we sat down at the counter to see if anyone needed help.  Someone came up to us because they wanted to get about out so I asked for there name, then I searched there name up on the library website I pushed on there name, scanned the book onto their account and then it was done.  Then a teacher came in because she wanted to return the audio box, I have to say though it was exciting because I hadn't really done this sort of thing before.  I went onto returns and scanned the box and it was done.  We then went around the library and said to people that the library was closing.  Everyone was out and it was time for us to go outside until the bell rang.


Get involved 

On Thursday I got involved by joining a PALS activity with my friends.  The activity we did was skipping, I thought it would be good activity to be in since I haven't been skipping for along time. 
Below is what I did,

I basically did long ropes the whole time but we did different things, first we had turns running in and out of the skipping rope.  After that we did a competition on who could skip for the longest when the skipping rope was going fast or medium or really really slow.  Then we all started in of the skipping rope and saw who would stay in the longest we did that heaps of times.  Samantha Laing won the first time we did it, Samara won the second and Brayden won the third.  The fourth one we did I won it and the last time we didn't have a winner because the last two people who were still in they both got out at the same time so we all agreed the no one was the winner but after that we knew that the bell would ring soon so they started to pack up.

Ring Ring the school bell rang 
After the bell rang everyone was nearly at class but I thought I should give them a hand so I did.  I collected all the orange ropes and hung them on the hook, when I finished that I went back outside if they needed more help but they didn't so went back to class.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Koru Games reflection for 2015

Over the last three days, I really enjoyed playing lots of different teams because it was really fun and all of the schools we played were very fair and nice schools.
Thinking back to the beginning of this year, I have really improved on getting into space and also driving foward to get the ball because the training's we did really helped me do those things.
Overall I found that the Koru Games is a great tournament to be apart of because it is really fun and it is well organised.

Sunday, 6 September 2015



At choir we started to practice for the music festival because we are going to be practicing on Monday the 7th of September from 9:15 to 12:30 so we were getting more time to practice.

We firstly practiced a lot of time doing the song called the ring of fire, we did the for a long time because Miss Harris wanted us to practice D for a little while because we needed to work on it a bit more since we don't have a lot of time and we needed to get it right because it is a hard song and we were going to be performing with hundreds of schools and thousands of people so we need to get it right because then it will sound a bit bad if we are not in time.  Then we quickly did the roll, then it was about time to go but we got a new sheet of paper and that is a new song.  We are learning a song that we saw a group sing on YouTube and Mr Mccullam showed us the video and then we thought it was cool so we are going to be singing it.  Then the years 5 and 6's left first because the have te reo the the reat of the choir left.



At Kapahaka we had a little time to practice our poi without any adults helping us we basically had free time for a little while but we were practicing poi.  Then Nate (who tells us the commands) said a commands and we followed it.

We were in our places, ready to go and then we started to sing a song,
The song was: Our school song.  We practiced that song for a bit because Mr Brown and Matua and also Mrs Baker wanted us to pick up the volume because we had our actions polished and good but our volume was quiet so they wanted our volume to rise.  So we had a battle firstly we did years 4 and 5's vs years 6,7 and 8 girls and also the year 7/8 boys.  Then for our second battle we did years 4,5 and 6's vs the year 7/8 girls and boys.  For the second battle the year 4,5 and 6's started off strong then the year 7/8 came back in the middle but it was the same at the finish so we don't really know who won so we just got told to do that in the song when we are doing it as a whole group.  Then we tried it as a whole group and we were very loud and that was good.  Then we finished off by doing Tahuruhuru.

We did Tahuruhuru and that involves the poi and I thought we did well but the teachers said that the year 7's have got it but some of the year 6's don't and some do but the year 4 and 5's so we need to practice.  After we finished Matua brought some lollipops to share with the group and after we got lollipops I went straight to peer mediation.

Saturday, 5 September 2015


Peer mediation

Every Friday at morning tea it is my turn to do peer mediation as I am a year 7/8.  I do peer mediation with Reuben and Riley and of course myself.  Since there is only one group doing peer mediation at morning tea that one group just walks around the school to help people solve there problems and we need to sort them out if they can't do it themselves.

I went to peer mediation at 11:10 ready to sort out any problems.  We started off by walking around the court area to see any problems and there wasn't.  We then went to the Kakano side of the field and one boy came up to us and said someone pushed him over while he was playing soccer and he said that he was telling him what to do.  We got the other boy who was involved and he said he didn't do it, the other boy said he did but then they both said sorry and they started to play soccer nicely together.  When that was finished we went to the Kauri teams side of the field to see if there were any problems and there wasn't any problems.  "Ring ring" the bell rings and we head back to class, we put our high vis jackets, necklaces and IPad away where it belonged.

Friday, 4 September 2015


Kauri team event

I am organising the Kauri got talent for 2015, one of my jobs is to judge the auditions (which I have written down below). I also have the opportunity to be at the front of the stage which is introducing the acts to the stage.

Today and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, I was a judge for the kauri got talent auditions because I am an organiser for this event.  At 12:40 each day I went to the music room to set up for the auditions so we can start straight away and not waste any time setting up since there were at least 9 acts in each audition and we needed to get through all of them in 45 minutes.  We didn't muck around at all when all the acts were in the music room we started straight away.  The first act went in the middle of the music room (since that is where they perform).  When they were finished we would give them a score out of ten and when all the acts had been completed we would see the top scores eg if Anna got 5/10 and Wendy got 9/10 that means Wendy would go through to the semi finals on Friday next week.  When we had at least one act to go through to the semi finalwe could go back to class so that we could go back to class.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Sam W's Writing

SOLO level: I think I am at Extended abstract because I can use punctuation in my writing eg comma's,  apostrophes.

My next step is to sit down with a teacher and discuss a new reading goal for me.

Sam W's Reading Prove it

My solo level:  I think I am at Relational because I can apply some criteria to evaluate texts eg technical language, objective language and structure and more.

My next step is to sit down with a teacher and discuss a new goal for me.

Coordinate graphs

My solo level I think I am at is extended abstract because I can specify location using bearing or grid reference.

My next step is to sit with a teacher and sort out a goal.