Friday, 28 August 2015


Peer mediation

Today after Kapahaka I went straight to peer mediation.  We started just outside room 24 and made our way to the kauri teams side of the field, we first went near the senior playground to see if there were any problems.  Then we went past the cricket pitch to the Kakano side of the field, after we roamed around the Kakano side of the field for a few minutes there was a little problem.  The problem was with a few boys from the Kakano team were playing with sticks and someone got a little hurt.  We thought of a solution straight away because it was pretty easy to solve this problem our solution was to NOT PLAY WITH STICKS.  That solution was a good one because after we told them the solution they started to play nicely together again.  There was some time left so we went to the courts to see if there were any problems, there was no problems when we went to the cours so that was good.  Then the bell rang and it was time to put our high vis jackets, iPad and necklaces away.  When we had finished doing that I went straight to class so we could do what was on our schedule for after morning tea and also ready to learn.

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