Sunday, 27 September 2015


Get involved 

On Thursday I got involved by joining a PALS activity with my friends.  The activity we did was skipping, I thought it would be good activity to be in since I haven't been skipping for along time. 
Below is what I did,

I basically did long ropes the whole time but we did different things, first we had turns running in and out of the skipping rope.  After that we did a competition on who could skip for the longest when the skipping rope was going fast or medium or really really slow.  Then we all started in of the skipping rope and saw who would stay in the longest we did that heaps of times.  Samantha Laing won the first time we did it, Samara won the second and Brayden won the third.  The fourth one we did I won it and the last time we didn't have a winner because the last two people who were still in they both got out at the same time so we all agreed the no one was the winner but after that we knew that the bell would ring soon so they started to pack up.

Ring Ring the school bell rang 
After the bell rang everyone was nearly at class but I thought I should give them a hand so I did.  I collected all the orange ropes and hung them on the hook, when I finished that I went back outside if they needed more help but they didn't so went back to class.

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