Friday, 4 September 2015


Kauri team event

I am organising the Kauri got talent for 2015, one of my jobs is to judge the auditions (which I have written down below). I also have the opportunity to be at the front of the stage which is introducing the acts to the stage.

Today and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, I was a judge for the kauri got talent auditions because I am an organiser for this event.  At 12:40 each day I went to the music room to set up for the auditions so we can start straight away and not waste any time setting up since there were at least 9 acts in each audition and we needed to get through all of them in 45 minutes.  We didn't muck around at all when all the acts were in the music room we started straight away.  The first act went in the middle of the music room (since that is where they perform).  When they were finished we would give them a score out of ten and when all the acts had been completed we would see the top scores eg if Anna got 5/10 and Wendy got 9/10 that means Wendy would go through to the semi finals on Friday next week.  When we had at least one act to go through to the semi finalwe could go back to class so that we could go back to class.

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