Sunday, 27 September 2015



Ring Ring the school bell went 
That was the 12:50 bell which meant it was time to go outside for lunch so straight away Samara and I went to the library for our duty as a librarian.

First Mrs Ward said that we could put the returned books back where they belong on the shelves.  I then grabbed a handful of books and put them back in there rightful places.  Afterwards we went around the library to see if all the books were the right way round because sometimes people put them the wrong way and it doesn't look very good and tidy.  Then we sat down at the counter to see if anyone needed help.  Someone came up to us because they wanted to get about out so I asked for there name, then I searched there name up on the library website I pushed on there name, scanned the book onto their account and then it was done.  Then a teacher came in because she wanted to return the audio box, I have to say though it was exciting because I hadn't really done this sort of thing before.  I went onto returns and scanned the box and it was done.  We then went around the library and said to people that the library was closing.  Everyone was out and it was time for us to go outside until the bell rang.

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