Saturday, 5 September 2015


Peer mediation

Every Friday at morning tea it is my turn to do peer mediation as I am a year 7/8.  I do peer mediation with Reuben and Riley and of course myself.  Since there is only one group doing peer mediation at morning tea that one group just walks around the school to help people solve there problems and we need to sort them out if they can't do it themselves.

I went to peer mediation at 11:10 ready to sort out any problems.  We started off by walking around the court area to see any problems and there wasn't.  We then went to the Kakano side of the field and one boy came up to us and said someone pushed him over while he was playing soccer and he said that he was telling him what to do.  We got the other boy who was involved and he said he didn't do it, the other boy said he did but then they both said sorry and they started to play soccer nicely together.  When that was finished we went to the Kauri teams side of the field to see if there were any problems and there wasn't any problems.  "Ring ring" the bell rings and we head back to class, we put our high vis jackets, necklaces and IPad away where it belonged.

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