Sunday, 27 September 2015



Ten minutes after I arrived at school it was time to go to choir so I picked my book up and went to choir with Monique, when we arrived we sat down and we waited for a little bit because we were a little early.  "Can everyone please sit down, choir is starting"  Mr McCallum said to everyone especially those who were standing up.

We firstly did a quick warm up to warm up our voices.  Then Miss Harris showed us a cool thing to help our vocals that thing was get a straw put it in your mouth and try to sing.  Then Miss Harris said to us that if we at least get through half the songs for the music festival we can practice Adiemus, so we went straight into it.  We firstly started to practice the ring of fire, we went through it once and Miss Harris asked us if we were confident about singing one particular part she also asked us to hold up how many fingers to show how confident we thought we were.  Then we moved onto may there always be sunshine we went through that once and we we didn't need to go through it again the same thing happened with the rest of the songs.  Then we quickly did the roll.  Then we had time for one run through of Adiemus.

We ran through it and we practiced solo bits for anyone who had one then it was time to go back to class.  It was time to go so we went straight back to class so we didn't miss any learning time.

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