Sunday, 6 September 2015



At Kapahaka we had a little time to practice our poi without any adults helping us we basically had free time for a little while but we were practicing poi.  Then Nate (who tells us the commands) said a commands and we followed it.

We were in our places, ready to go and then we started to sing a song,
The song was: Our school song.  We practiced that song for a bit because Mr Brown and Matua and also Mrs Baker wanted us to pick up the volume because we had our actions polished and good but our volume was quiet so they wanted our volume to rise.  So we had a battle firstly we did years 4 and 5's vs years 6,7 and 8 girls and also the year 7/8 boys.  Then for our second battle we did years 4,5 and 6's vs the year 7/8 girls and boys.  For the second battle the year 4,5 and 6's started off strong then the year 7/8 came back in the middle but it was the same at the finish so we don't really know who won so we just got told to do that in the song when we are doing it as a whole group.  Then we tried it as a whole group and we were very loud and that was good.  Then we finished off by doing Tahuruhuru.

We did Tahuruhuru and that involves the poi and I thought we did well but the teachers said that the year 7's have got it but some of the year 6's don't and some do but the year 4 and 5's so we need to practice.  After we finished Matua brought some lollipops to share with the group and after we got lollipops I went straight to peer mediation.

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