Thursday, 7 April 2016

Merit Evidence #5

Leadership meeting Follow up.

Must do.

Today we needed to read chapter of the book called eight things I wish I knew when I was a Student leader.

After that we needed to answer some questions.

The Leadership trait I showed was Resilient because it was hard but I kept trying and I got through it and I finished at a High standard.

Here is my chart of the question and then the answers,

Balancing Responsibilities   

My responsibility to my school work
My responsibility to
leadership duties
A responsibility have outside
of school is:
Who is someone that can help me often with this?
My teacher Miss O because whenever I am behind in my school work I can seek help.
Another House Captain or Mr Brown because all the student leaders are a team and I can ask them for help and Mr Brown can help me with anything to do with my house.
My Family or Coach because my family and coach can both give me tips for when I play Netball.
When is this responsibility usually my highest priority?
SML because we need to complete our SML each week.
If there is an house event that is coming up.
If my team has some sort of competition coming up and I need to train for it.
What is the main objective that I am aiming for with this responsibility?         
I am aiming to try my absolute best to complete my standard.
To be a good role model to my house,  to make my house win and also have fun.
To improve my skills in Netball.

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