Friday, 8 April 2016

Merit Evidence - Kapahaka #2


Can do

Today I had Kapahaka.  It is at 10.30 each week.

I walked over to the hall quickly and quietly and took my shoes off in the hall foyer and put them down neatly.

Once I was in the hall, I sat down in my spot and talked quietly to the person beside me.

The first song we sung was our school song for a quick warm up.

Next we sung hareriua, then the people who were in the non performance group left and went back to class.

After we practiced our school song to get that song ready for the Cultural Festival.  The bit we practiced the most was when the boys come through the middle to get ready for the haka.

The leadership trait I think I showed was Resilient because some of the songs were quite hard but I kept going.

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