Saturday, 24 October 2015


Helping around the school

Ring ring, ring ring the school bell goes and everyone rushed to class but for the pals it was a different story.  They were packing up their game they did it was skipping so that takes along time so I decided to help them.

First I got all the orange skipping ropes together, some were all over the place and some were on the music room hand rail.  Then I went past the music room and into the book room so I could put the skipping rope onto the hook and which is it's rightful place.  Then I went back to see if there were more, and there were.

There was quite a few left so I gathered the white skipping ropes and did the same thing as I did with the orange ropes but on the way on the deck hand rail (by the music room) there were two white skipping ropes tangled in a knot so I tried to untangle them and I did but it was quite hard, then I carried on and made my way to the book room and put them on there hook.

When I came back all the skipping ropes had been put away and one person who was a pal said thank you for helping us, then we went straight back to class.

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