Saturday, 24 October 2015



After Te Reo I took my shoes off and put them near my pencil case and book, got a poi and got into line all ready to go.

Mr Brown said to us that we are going to start with Tahururu, after we finished Tahururu we sat down and Mr Brown talked to us about who we are going to be performing to this term " we are going to be performing to senior citizens, preschoolers, end of year assembly and we are going to be opening the new Halswell library and outlet"
Everyone dropped there jaw because they were really excited.
Then Mr Brown said "since we are doing that we need to start getting our lines sorted, practice what orders the songs are going to be in".
So we did just that.

We started off with our school song Taitapu and Mr Brown wanted us to have volume to start our performance off, then we did Tahururu and then we started again because we weren't loud enough. 
We did Taitapu again, Tahururu, Pai mai and Whakataka Te Hau and Mr Brown said that was better.

It was time for us to go so we all went put our shoes on, grabbed our belongings and I went to peer mediation.

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