Saturday, 24 October 2015



At choir I turned up on time ready to go.  Next minute Mr McCallum said to us " everyone please sit down and be quiet ".   We all did the following and then Miss Harris said to us that we need to listen because it is our last week practicing for the music festival, last time for using our books so we need to listen so we can get through a lot today.

First we started to practice Adiemus for a few times but straight after that Miss Harris asked us "which song do you need to practice the most" hands went up.
"Skyla" said Miss Harris
" Slice of heaven" Skyla said
" Sure we can sing that" said Miss Harris happily
We went through it once, Miss Harris said that we did well so we didn't practice again.

We then practiced Poi e, the long white sails and then the ring of fire we all at least did all of them twice  or more.  Before the ring of fire we quickly did the roll .

After we finished the ring of fire it was time to go so the years 5&6 went first because they had Te Reo then the years 4,7&8 left because the didn't need to go anywhere and 9.30 except class.

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