Saturday, 24 October 2015


Peer mediation 

After Kapahaka I went to go get my hat, morning tea, a highvis jacket, a necklace and an iPad.  Then Monique and I started to walk around the school.

We started to head to rooms 5&6 to see if there were any problems.  After that we went to the field we started to head towards the senior playground. Once we were the senior playground we walked the monkey bars because there were a few people there who didn't look happy but it turned out okay because they said it was just a game they were playing.   Then we headed towards the junior area.

Once we were at the junior area we looked around and went to the sandpit, then we went to the deck and everyone was playing nicely, then we went towards rooms 18&19 and there were some kids playing without there hats on so we gave them a friendly reminder to keep there hats on while they are playing and they did that.

Ring ring, ring ring the bell went, everyone went straight back to class.  Monique and I went to room 25 to put all the things we had back to there rightful places.  It was also great to see everyone playing nicely with each other.

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