Friday, 13 May 2016

Merit Evidence - Kapahaka #3


Can do

On Friday I had KapaHaka as I arrived the Cultural club was still going so I took my shoes off and waited quietly in the Hall foyer.  After Cultural club was finished I walked in the hall quietly and I stood in my line waiting for Kapahaka to start.

The first thing we did was a Warm up and the song we sung was He Honore, then Taitapu.  The we mainly practiced Hareuia and our formation.

After we finished practicing Hareuia we got the opportunity to practice the year 7/8 girls did long poi.  The year 5/6 girls did short poi and the boys did the haka.

The CARE value I showed was Respect because I showed Respect to the people in  Cultural club by being quiet when there session was still going.

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