Friday, 17 June 2016

Excellence Evidence - Kapahaka #1


Can do

On Friday I had Kapahaka.  We Practiced for 45 minutes.

For our warm up we sung He Honore and Pa mai.  We hadn't sung Pa mai for ages so we didn't really remember the actions it.  We sung this with the non performance group.

After the Non Performance group left so the Performance group could practice their routine.  The Performance group started with Hareruia then we moved onto Tahuruhuru.

We spent a bit of time on Tahuruhuru because the was Rakau, Long Rakau, Poi and Long Poi so we got some practice on that.

After Kapahaka was finished the Year 8 boy's and Year 8 girl's practice Long Rakau and Long Poi because the wanted to get the sequence right.

The CARE value I showed was Respect because I was being respectful to others.

I got involved by singing at my very best each time.

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