Saturday, 12 March 2016

Merit Evidence #3 -Working with the juniors and The Food forest

Must do

Working with the juniors

What we did
Over the last 2 days the Year 8's have been going down to a junior class to work with them.  I have been working with Room 14 we helped the with there action stations.  The action stations were Water painting, Snakes and Ladders, Playing with Play dough, Practising writing your name, Playing with numbered bean bags, Playing with chalk and Playing with Hula hoops.  Today we were lucky enough to have some Preschoolers come and visit we did action stations read a book and played on the playground.  We did this at the Junior school at Oaklands Primary School.

We did this because we wanted to work with the juniors while the Year 7's were away at Wainui Camp.
We wanted the juniors to get used to us so they didn't see us as scary monsters and and the Seniors and Junior benefited from this so we can get to know each other.

How I felt about this
I felt good about this because It was really fun to work with them and get to know them better.

Food Forest

Last week, the year 8's did gardening.  We split into eight groups.  Half of the groups did gardening and the other half went down to the juniors to help the with their learning.

I went down to the juniors first to help them with their learning.

Then I did gardening,

The first thing we did was, picking all the weeds out.

Here are some photos:

 Here are some people picking the weeds out.  
There was a lot of work to do.

Here is some more people picking the weeds out.

The Leadership trait I showed was Resilient because gardening is out of my comfort zone.

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