Friday, 26 February 2016

Merit Evidence 2016 #1

Swimming Sports

On Friday the Kauri team had Swimming Sports at Jelly Park.  The Kakano team also went to Jelly park but they were outside and had time to play in the outdoor pool.

When we arrived the house captains were allowed to sit in a line of seats in front of the pool.  I then got changed into my togs and headed back to where I was sitting.  After I waited for a we while the width races started, and everyone was seated.

I then walked to help the width races and when I was walking Mr Ladbrook called me because One little girl was scared so I jumped in and gave her a piggy back so she could finish the race.  After that we cheered for all the width races in till the were finished.

After the width races it was time for games run by the house captains and house points were up for grabs.  The games were SPLASH and MADNESS, MADNESS was first and the house captains running that was Monique and Samara (Rimu's house captains) Jack M and Alicia (Kowhai house captains) and the other house captains helped them throw in the tennis balls, Frisbees and kick boards.

After MADNESS we played SPLASH and Xanthe and I were speaking.  The aim of the game lie on your tummies and make the biggest Splash you can.

After that we joined the Kakano team for lunch.

After lunch it was time for the length races and I happened to come 2nd in Freestyle and Backstroke.

Then we went back to school.

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