Wednesday, 4 November 2015



On Tuesday I went to library to see if you the librarians needed some help, they did because one of the members needed to go somewhere so I filled in for them.
Below is what I did.

I started with putting books away in there rightful places as what letters they had on the side of the book, eg say if a book had the letter F I would put that book on the shelf under the letter F.  There was quite a few books so it took us a bit of time, after around 5-10 minutes we went around to see if there were any books facing the wrong way as you could see the pages.  There was about 3 for me and I needed to turn them around.

Then we went to the desk to issue, return, renew and reserve books out or people.  Surprisingly there were a lot of people lining up there was people who wanted to issue books and some who just wanted to return books, that took us basically the rest of the time we had left.  

It was time to ask people to leave because the library was closing, after everyone had left we went around to pick up any books that were on the floor.  I only picked one book up.

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