Thursday, 12 March 2015

My Wonder Story

Okay it was the best part yet, I couldn't help it, I just have to yell it out, so I am going to because it was breath-taking so I yelled out " Best Part Yet" 
Next minute, I heard the door slam open, like a heard of elephants charging through.  I see huge, strong security guards at the door, I was wondering what they were doing.  But I found out what they were doing, they were taking me and my family out. 
The strongest security guard said to Mum and Via "are you two with this boy"
Mum said "Yes
But Via said "No"
"Via" said Mum in an angry voice
"Okay" Via sighed
He asked us to leave so we did.  We walked to the car, Via was glearing at me the whole way back.   I atmit it, I was kinda scared!

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